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Our Story

Traveling abroad with 3 young children was not easy. We had a ton of luggage and a ton of time, due to a 13 hour layover in Panama City; and we were held hostage in an airport in the dead of summer with absolutely no A/C! We all were miserable! I fell into a heat coma and thought to myself, how nice it would be if there were a concierge luggage service company who could pick up and hold our luggage, so we could sight-see and explore Panama City, and then return our luggage to us curbside at our departure flight location. The annoying complaints from two teenage boys and one irritated princess suddenly jolted me out of my heat coma. Instead of sight-seeing, we spent a fortune on a hotel room just to escape our captivity.

Four years later, in May of 2017, I turned a heat-induced-coma/dream into a reality. Our travel expertise has opened up a world of possibilities in the tourism industry here in Orlando, Florida. We have created a business model/concept that works and will be implemented in the domestic United States and internationally.

Hold My Luggage, Inc., is a company who specializes in travel, transportation, theme park & local activities, hotels, resorts and baggage storage. Our team of experts are standing by to assist you with everything that has to do with making your visit here in Orlando an exceptional experience. Our company core values are built on our personal travel experience; and how we wished to be treated when visiting other countries and places. It doesn't cost anything to be kind and offer assistance when needed. This is what we do in every aspect of our business. Thank you to all who have used our service to make us the company that we are today!

Constance & Hector Serrano